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Willa Holland Fans [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Willa Holland Fans

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icons :) [Apr. 19th, 2010|06:28 pm]
Willa Holland Fans


more here
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icons :) [Jan. 19th, 2010|05:40 pm]
Willa Holland Fans

[5] Diana Agron + Puck/Quinn promo
[8] Mila Kunis
[7] Jack O'Connell, Kaya Scodelario, Luke Pasqualino
[14] Miscellaneous (Andrew VanWyngarden, Gaspard Ulliel, Matthew Goode, Stock, Taylor Momsen, Willa Holland)
[1] Friends-Only Banner (Jack O'Connell, Kaya Scodelario, Luke Pasqualino, Ollie Barbieri)


@ my journal :)
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picspam! [Jan. 19th, 2010|12:55 am]
Willa Holland Fans


The O.C - Marissa/Alex, The L Word - Shane/Carmen, Skins Cast, Misfits
Adam Brody, Amanda Seyfried, Alexander Skarsgård, Ben Barnes, Chris Pine, Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick, Gaspard Ulliel, Henry Cavill, Ian Somerhalder, Jessica Stam, Kaya Scodelario, Kristen Bell, Matthew Goode, Mila Kunis, Mischa Barton, Olivia Wilde, Robert Pattinson, Willa Holland, Zac Efron
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FOUR WILLA ICONS. [Jan. 3rd, 2010|02:00 pm]
Willa Holland Fans

[Current Mood |stressedstressed]

kaya scodelario(fourteen), kristen bell (nine icons), alexis bledel (twenty icons), veronica mars (ten icons), willa holland (four icons). in all, almost 60 icons.

i will, hopefully, be adding more entries. i'm going to aim for two or so a week? maybe three. but i'll be busy with school and life. if there is anybody you want to see icons of, make a post? cause i never know who to icon.

oh! and if you know of a good livejournal or website with caps for gilmore girls or house? let me know, please!

one) upload to your own server, like tinypic, imageshack, or photobucket.
two) comment if you save.
three) credit hipboned if you use!
four) absolutely no editing! these are not bases, sorry.


view more here! @HIPBONED!
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Willa Holland Bases [Nov. 25th, 2009|02:38 am]
Willa Holland Fans

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twenty four willa icons [Nov. 19th, 2009|10:57 am]
Willa Holland Fans


more here @ nightl3y.
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thirteen willa icons. [Nov. 18th, 2009|09:13 am]
Willa Holland Fans

& Leighton Meester (3)
& Willa Holland (13)
& Mélanie Laurent (13)
& Kat Dennings (2)
& Freida Pinto (11)
& Mila Kunis (9)
& Taylor Kitsch (4)

more here @ nightl3y.
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(no subject) [Nov. 1st, 2009|05:59 pm]
Willa Holland Fans
Hello :)

I have just created a community for Willa. Visit it, and enjoy :)


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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2009|01:36 pm]
Willa Holland Fans

hey, made some icons and banners of various celebs and such. i really hope you like them. make sure to comment and credit and follow all the rules. This post remains open until October 16th. After that date, join [info]pennylane_art to view them.

1 - 7 Rachel Bilson
8 - 17 Ashley Greene
18 - 25 Mischa Barton
26 - 41 Kristen Stewart
42 - 52 Willa Holland
53 - 57 Emma Watson
58 - 65 Kristen Bell (+ 1 with Rachel Bilson)
66 - 81 Robert Pattinson
82 - 84 Robert and Kristen
85 - 85 Rachel Bilson
86 - 87 Rob & Kristen
88 - 89 Rob Pattinson
90 - 90 Kristen Bell


click here to view at pennylane_art
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WILLA ICONS...AND MORE! [Oct. 11th, 2009|08:19 pm]
Willa Holland Fans

[1] Jensen Ackles
[2-3] Rachel Weisz
[4-5] Ginnifer Goodwin
[6-25] Christian Bale
[26-44] Joseph Gordon-Levitt
[45-48] Willa Holland
[49-51] Eliza Dushku
[52-58] Emmy Rossum
[59-68] Gerard Butler
[69-74] Audrey Tautou
[75-80] Ellen Page
[81-84] Steve-O (and friend)
[85-86] Jamie King
[87-88] Gaspard Ulliel
[89-93] Taylor Swift
[94-110] Feist


Here @ sexy_mood_music. The post will be public for 3 days, and after that, you NEED TO JOIN to see the post, but don't worry because EVERYONE GETS ACCEPTED! Please read the rules at the entry, and please leave any comments or feedback you have over there, too. Thank you! :)
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